Niciodata nu a fost mai usor si mai putin costisitor ca acum sa incepeti o mica afacere. Aceasta este una dintre cele mai bune oportunitati de afacere din toata lumea!!


Oportunitate de afacere - despre publicitatea prin carti de vizita


« Ceea ce m-a convins sa cumpar este felul in care cartile de vizita pot ajunge direct in portofelele potentialilor clienti. »

Business card displays utilized in business card advertising


ce au de spus operatorii Free Card...

  • home based business which attracts attention

    "The Free Card displays themselves are definitely a professional and neat looking unit. They have been met with overwhelming approval from small business owners and the general public. The displays are very eye-catching and likely to be seen by passers by. They are also very durable and robustly manufactured."

    Russell Bailey,
    DH Enterprises, Sydney, Australia

  • home based business which attracts attention

    "In our opinion, Free Card is the only true business card dispenser on the market. It is the only manufacturer able to meet our criteria." We searched the world to find the very best business card dispenser and we found it. Free Card advertising is a Win, Win, Win for the advertiser, the theatre customer, and Cinemagic Digital.

    Greg Kitchen and Jeff Fruchey,
    Cinemagic Digital, Michigan, USA

  • home based business which attracts attention

    "I just thought I would pass on to you another great result. I live in a town of only 5500 people and I'm managing to work a profitable business with Free Card. I made three sales at $643aud on 12 month contracts, and one more sale on a 12 month contract paying it off monthly. That's a total sales value of $2721. And how many hours did I work for this in total? Only 6 hours."

    Kevin Krisnic
    Better Business Solutions, New Zealand

  • home based business which attracts attention

    "My best selling day would have to be when a potential advertiser contacted me, saying that he had been referred by another one of our clients. I set up a meeting with the potential advertiser and in fifteen minutes explained the service and answered his questions. The advertiser was very keen and signed for 18 slots over 9 displays (2 in each) and I received payment upfront for twelve months. These nine business card displays are located in Universities (six in one university and three in another). I have also given him pricing for printing of his cards which means I will make a margin on that also."

    Regan Hall
    Annexe Biz Cards Ltd

  • home based business which attracts attention

    "Free Card is a business most people can operate, it's simple, requires no staff or additional overheads, adds massive value by helping other existing businesses make more money and allows you to earn a great income while enjoying real time to do what you want when you want. So for anyone who is looking to start a business, work from home and sack their boss, a Free Card business card advertising business is the best place to start!"

    Natalia Tcherveniachk

  • "To date Free Card is the only company I have encountered which has developed a solid machine which works and where the business cards are dispensed effectively. Free Card provides excellent support and my displays arrived in a week as promised. I plan on ordering more from them in the future. Free Card displays are the best business card dispensers I have found anywhere."

    Ken Wilson

  • "With the fantastic level of service and direction you have provided in the early days, WE HAVE BEEN ABLE TO QUICKLY FIND GOOD LOCATIONS FOR OUR 20 DISPLAYS, AS WELL AS MANY ENTHUSIASTIC ADVERTISERS." We are working hard and it is paying off. We will be ordering more displays next month, WE ARE VERY EXCITED.


  • I am fascinated by the design of the displays. "Great Job." I am very excited about this business opportunity and as always I just can't say enough about the customer service that you have provided me during this process. I plan to replicate your success. Compliments also for the very professional documentation.

    Kind regards,
    Steve Harris

  • After receiving the displays I now realise the time, effort, and money which went into developing these displays. They are very well designed. You deserve a lot credit for this. I am very pleased about my decision to select your displays.


  • I had been looking for a small business opportunity which offered an advertising service to business owners. I called the local newspaper with the highest circulation and confirmed that that their advertising rates are too expensive for many small businesses and hence the reason why I decided to start a FREE CARD advertising business.

    Kind regards,

  • "I hope all is well with you and wanted to thank you for allowing me and my wife to visit the factory, preparing our order and for the warm hospitality. This week I have been in contact with some small businesses and have had excellent feedback and have located my first five units - very promising start. I feel good to have started this business and can now just concentrate on working."

    Thanks again for everything

  • "I just wanted to let you know of the positive results I received today by signing up a gymnasium with three locations.The locations found the Free Card Displays so attractive that they even wanted me to promise not to place them in any other gymnasiums in the area in exchange for helping me fill the machines!"

    Kind regards

  • "As we embark on our new venture, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the great support Free Card has provided while working with us. We are confident that Free Card will be successful in this country as it has been in your other markets. With the fantastic level of service and direction you have provided in these early days, we are sure we will enjoy the experience as well!"

    Thank You,

  • “I had been looking for a product like the Free Card display for some time.I like the appearance and design of your Free Card display and the fact that you can customize the sign on the top of the display.The displays are very well built and the lock prevents someone from coming along and deciding to put their business cards in and removing those of paying advertisers.”

    Thanks again!

  • “For just the price of a used car you can start your own small business and increase your income.”


  • “I am a sharp businessman. I will be the driving force behind building my business. I realise it will be my efforts that will make my business a success.The Free Card displays were just the tools I required to start my own business.”


  • “Thanks for scheduling me in to visit you it was very informative and enjoyable. I am extremely motivated after seeing your operation and wanted to thank you for taking the time to show me your display route.Hope to get together with you again next year and share success stories.”

    Kind regards,

  • “I was previously the Project Development Manager for a multinational company. I have evaluated other business card displays and dispensers on the market and must say that without a doubt that the Free Card display’s appearance and reliability are light years ahead of the rest. Great product.”


  • It's me again. I can not believe the amount of small businesses which are interested in advertising in my displays. I am really happy I started this business.

    I really appreciate are your help.

  • "Free Card is a business run by people with integrity. It is a pleasure to be associated with positive people who want to see you succeed. With the Free Card system the sky is the limit if you are prepared to put in a little effort and use your network of contacts. Remember - Winners never quit and quitters never win."

    Peter James

  • “Free Card is great small business opportunity and it also can give you a great return on your investment. The business is so appealing I can't believe people would spend $70,000 and more, just to push a lawn mower franchise, or spend up to $30,000 to be a personal finance coach. Free Card is the best money maker I have seen, for the lowest investment you can have.”

    Well done guys!
    Matt Clarkson
    Megahits Consulting

  • I spoke to a franchise consultant who had heard of Free Card from a friend. He told me that your system had all the benefits of franchising without the drawbacks of a huge initial investment and ongoing royalties. The fact that I could invest and keep what I made was very appealing to me and one of the reasons I decided to go with the Free Card business opportunity. In my mind this is much better than paying out large amounts of money indefinitely to people in some corporate headquarters.

    Look forward to continuing to do business with you people.

  • I have now placed my displays in places where home owners frequently shop.The kind of companies I am targeting in these locations are; construction, home alarms, landscaping, pool installation, air conditioning installation and so on. I am sure that a lot of carpenters, plumbers and other small businesses will be interested in the service as well.Your presentation material is really professional and impresses clients. Looking forward now to making presentations to larger companies with the aim of them taking a compartment in all of my locations.

    Best regards

  • I really like your displays. They are unique in design in comparison to others I have seen here in the USA.Other displays are too large and would look very lonely until one has a large amount of advertisers. I like your display because of the size, design and it's very attractive.I have found that locations value their space but your displays fit just about anywhere and retail owners like their appearance – this makes locating them much easier.


  • “Regarding your displays I can say they are visual magnets. I love standing at a distance and watching the amount of people that are attracted to the displays and which take advertiser’s cards. You definitely got the color right!”

    Thanks for your support.

  • “I studied the locations around and then secured many excellent sites. In this country shop owners fully utilize their wall space. I have found that the compact size of your business card dispensers to have been an asset in getting my displays located with little resistance from these locations. I have just recently started and already need to order more displays.”


  • “Free Card is a solid company which delivers on its promises. After getting frustrated with time consuming bureaucracy of seeking outside funding I placed an order for an initial 20 displays. I project increasing my display increments in units of 10 displays every six months. In addition there is an opportunity to expand the business to three other cities and I am training my son to do this over the next two years.”


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